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Work Safely at Heights - RIIWHS204D


OVERVIEW: This course covers the skills and knowledge needed for those working in operational roles where they are required to perform work at heights including:

*  Working Safely at Heights
*  Develop Risk Assessments and Hazard Elimination
*  Safe Work Method Statements For Working Safely At Heights
*  Relevant Regulations, Legislation and Australian Standards
*  Anchor Fall Protection, Correct Equipment Selection, Training and Use

If you conduct or supervise tasks that are carried out at height you will find this course valuable to the safety of your workplace.

Working Safely at Heights is directed at fall prevention rather than fall arrest. This course
is designed to provide workers with the skills and knowledge to work safely in any height location such as:

*  General Construction
*  Maintenance
*  Mining
*  Large Factories
*  Other work environments where it is possible to fall from one level to another

Work Safely at Heights

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