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Verification of Competency (VOC) Assessments.

• VOC assessments confirm that an individual has maintained the skills and knowledge of an attained competency and/or High Risk License.
• VOCs can be conducted either on or off site with minimum disruption and down time.

• Employers – The law requires an employer or “Person Conducting Business or Undertaking” (PCBU) to ensure that their workforce, “as far as is reasonably practicable” have information, training, instruction or supervision to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety. A VOC will contribute to your workplace compliance.

• Individuals – The law requires a worker “take reasonable care” of your own/others health and safety and that your action or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of you/ others. A VOC will demonstrate to a current/potential employer/PCBU that you are a competent and safe operator, that you are up to date with the latest industry standards and that a break from using that piece of equipment has not compromised your competency.

Candidates are required to provide a copy of their current Certificate, Statement of Attainment and/or High Risk WorkSafe License for the competency being verified.

Duration’s vary for each VOC type and range from 2-3 hours.

On successful completion, participants will receive a Verification of Competency Certificate for the competency verified.
TP TRAINING CAN CONDUCT VERIFICATION OF COMPETENCY (VOC) ASSESSMENTS For many types of Equipment. Although the VOC assessments we conduct are assessed in line with the requirements of the relevant nationally recognised units of competency they are not considered nationally recognised training.

• Backhoe/Loader
• Crane
• Dogging/Rigging
• Enter & Work in Confined Space
• First Response To Fire
• Forklift
• Grader
• HR,HC,MC truck licenses. 
• Hydraulic Excavator
• IT Loader, With or Without Attachments
• Load & Unload Goods/Cargo
• Maintain & Operate Chainsaw
• Operate & Maintain Four-Wheel Drive
• Operate Mine Service Vehicle
• Pilot Vehicle
• Secure Cargo
• Skid Steer, With or Without Attachments
• Tele Handler
• Tracked Dozer
• Wheel Loader
• Working At Heights
  More VOCs are available on request, please contact us if you don't see your required VOC in the   above list.

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