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Load Restraint (Secure cargo - Load & Unload Goods & Cargo) - TLIA1001/ TLID2004A

If you are the driver of a vehicle or have contributed to the loading and unloading of a vehicle you have a duty of care to others on the road to ensure the load is restrained correctly and safely.

Load Restraint Training aims to give you the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to secure various types of loads in accordance with the National Transport Commission, Australian Standards and industry best practice standards.


*  applicable legislation and responsibility;
*  relevant forces and loading;
*  load distribution and correct placement;
*  restraint systems, their use and limitations incl. WLL deration;
*  securing methods;
*  hitches and bends;
*  dangerous goods;
*  oversized loads; and,
*  personal and others health and safety.


TLIA1001/ TLID2004A

Load Restraint (Secure cargo - Load & Unload Goods & Cargo)

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