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Licence to Operate A Forklift (High Risk) - TLILIC2001


Grace Training have a highly qualified team that can help with obtaining your Forklift Licence or help with retraining for those that have a Licence but have not operated a Forklift for some time.

Give us call and we will work out a program that suits your needs.


* Introduction to Forklift Training
* Explanation of Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation and Regulations
* OH&S policy
* Codes of Practice
* Forklift manufacturers specifications and instructions
* Hazard Identification and hazard prevention
* Forklift attachments
* Conduct routine checks and plan work
* Safe Operation
* Shift load
* Shut down equipment and secure site

On Successful Completion

On successful completion of the licence course, participants will be issued a Statement of attainment TLILIC2001 Licence to operate a forklift truck – (LF)

Licence to Operate A Forklift

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