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Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations - RIIHAN309F

This course is aimed at providing the necessary skills and knowledge to operate a telescopic materials handler (telehandler) safely and efficiently. The course is a mixture of in class theory, practical demonstration and assessment covering all aspect of operation including legislation; hazards and risk control; planning; pre-use inspections; load charts; load characteristics; attachments; safe operation; transport; reporting procedures; shut down and post operation checks.


*  Perform pre-start, start-up and shutdown procedures
*  Check controls, brakes and attachments for manoeuverability and serviceability and rectify or report faults
*  Operate the telescopic materials handler
*  Attach and secure appropriate lifting gear
*  Shift the load
*  Select, fit, test, use and remove attachments, which must be certified and approved in line with workplace procedures
*  Transport the machine and equipment between work sites
*  Park and secure equipment


– For persons with or without prior experience of telescopic materials handler operations.
– You must be free of any physical or medical condition that may affect the safe operation of a Telescopic Materials Handler.
– You must be able to read, write and communicate in the English Language to a level that would ensure safe operation in an Australian workplace.
– Practical activities conducted at PTC can expose personnel to similar hazards as experienced in the workplace and as such a high level of maturity is expected from our students. All students attending PTC should be at least 18 years old at the commencement of their training program.

Conduct Telescopic Materials Handler Operations

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